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Train Ticket Types

Whether you regularly make the same train journey or planning a day trip, you can find all the ticket information you need here in one place.

From finding the cheapest tickets, information on ticket types, when and where you can purchase your tickets, discounts available and the option of combining your rail and bus tickets. It's all here.

Discounts and Savings

Whether you make the same train journey regularly, planning a day trip, or a family holiday, find all the discounts and savings available to you, including the various railcards on offer, child discounts, and group offers.

It's all here to help you find the right train ticket for you.

What times are Off-Peak & Super Off-Peak train tickets valid?

These tickets typically require you to travel at a certain time of the day, day of the week or via a particular route. Although times for these tickets will vary by both the train operator and route they generally fit within the below:


  • Not valid on weekdays before 09:30
  • Not valid early evening (between 16:00 – 18:00) from major cities
  • Valid on all trains at weekends and public holidays

Super Off-Peak

  • Not valid weekdays before 10:00
  • Not valid early evening (between 15:30 – 19:15) from major cities

What if I miss my connecting service?

If you’re travelling on a delayed train which means you miss a connecting service, speak to the guard for guidance or station staff on arrival at your interchange station. If the interchange station is unmanned, help points are usually available.

If my train is cancelled, can I get a refund?

If your train company cancels a service you were wishing to take or had a reservation for, you should be able to take the next available service.

We advise you contact an appropriate member of staff at the station in the first instance.

If you have not left for the station and your service has been cancelled, please contact the train operating company and ask them to confirm alternative arrangements that they have made to accommodate you on another service.

If your journey was delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation. You should contact the train operating company for more information.

Should you decide not to travel, advance tickets are non-refundable, however most other tickets may be refunded if you return it completely unused to the place of purchase.

In the case of a return, the return portion may be refunded within 28 days of the expiry date.

Some promotional tickets may have restrictions relating to refunds.

Please note that a refund fee may be payable.

How can I complain about disruptions to my rail journey?

If you would like to make a complaint about disruptions to your rail journey, please contact your train operating company directly.

Which stations offer self-service for train ticket collection?

Collect your tickets free of charge from any National Rail station that has a self-service ticket machine. Choose one that is the most convenient to you. It doesn’t even have to be the station your journey departs from.

Please allow 15 minutes after making your online booking for the tickets to be available for collection. Remember during peak hours the station will be busy so allow enough time to collect your tickets.

When collecting your tickets from the self-service machine you will need:

  • The same credit/debit card you made the payment with.
  • A print out of your booking confirmation. The booking confirmation alone will not entitle you to travel. You must collect your tickets.
  • To select the ‘collect pre-paid tickets’ section on the self-service machine.
  • To enter the 8-digit collection reference on your order confirmation.
  • To check you the correct number of coupons have been dispensed

There are over 1000 stations that currently have self-service machines. Click below to see the full list and find your nearest:

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My station doesn’t have a self-service collection machine. What should I do?

If your station does not have a self-service ticket collection machine, you can collect your tickets from any other station that has self-service facilities. See the list above of stations that have self-service ticket collection machines.

Can I purchase a ticket for someone else?

Yes, there is no reason why you can’t purchase a ticket in advance on behalf of somebody else, however rail tickets are not transferable between people, so once you’ve started travelling on a ticket you cannot give it to someone else to carry on using it.

If the ticket will be delivered by post:

There are no important considerations when buying a ticket for someone else. The name of the person who purchased the ticket is not printed on the ticket so anyone can use it and the delivery address can be different from the billing address so tickets can be posted direct to the traveller.

If the ticket will be collected at a self-service ticket machine:

Collecting a ticket from a self-service machine requires the payment card used to make the booking. You should only select this option if you intend to pick up the tickets on behalf of the traveller, or if you provide them with the payment card used to buy the ticket. Without the payment card the ticket cannot be collected and a new ticket will need to be bought.

What is a quiet coach?

Most long distance train operators have a quiet coach, which are usually located at the end of the train, mainly in standard accommodation with some operators having them in first class too.

All electronic equipment must be in silent mode and travellers are asked to conduct mobile telephone conversations in the vestibules at the ends of the coach.

What if I need wheelchair assistance?

If you let your train operating company know you’ll need assistance ideally 24 hours in advance, they can usually arrange for staff to meet you at your departure station, accompany you to the train and see you safely on board.

Arrangements for help at your destination station can also be done too.

Lost property?

If you have lost an item on a train or at a station, please contact the relevant train operating company lost property department.