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Darlington town centre. Photo by Dan892k9. License: Public Domain Photo by Dan892k9. This file is in the Public Domain.

Darlington is a market town in the North East of England and is famous for its history in railway. Back in 1825 the world’s first passenger rail journey was recorded between Shildon and Stockton-on-Tees via Darlington. This historic occasion is celebrated in the Darlington Railway and Museum.

With a strong focus on independent shopping, Darlington offers more variety than that found in many other UK towns. If you want something a little different then Darlington just might be where you will find it.

Darlington Library is a splendid Grade II listed building. It has housed a free library since 1885 and in more recent years the Central Lending Department and Centre for Local Studies.

With 2 football teams, a cricket team and a Rugby Union team, Darlington has a wealth of sporting events taking place across the seasons.


Departing Platform Arriving at Operator
Exp. 16:31 1
Exp. 16:38 1
Exp. 16:47 4
16:40 4
16:40 1
Exp. 16:56 1
Exp. 17:09 4


Arrival From Platform Departing To Operator
Exp. 16:30 1
Exp. 16:37 1
Exp. 16:46 4
Exp. 16:40 4
16:38 1
Exp. 16:55 1
Exp. 17:08 4

Darlington Station Information


Address Darlington station, Bank Top, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 4AA

Opening Hours

Ticket Office Monday 06:00 - 20:00,Friday 06:00 - 21:00,Saturday 06:30 - 19:45,Sunday 07:45 - 20:00

Staff Available

Services & Facilities

This station is operated by East Coast