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Eurostar (ES)

Services and Routes

Eurostar routes include:

With the Eurostar you can travel direct from the UK to France and Belgium using the Channel Tunnel, with connecting services you can access over 100 destinations across France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

UK main hubs include:

French main hubs include:

  • Calais
  • Lille
  • Paris
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Bourg St Maurice
  • Aime La Plagne
  • Moutiers
  • Avignon

Belgium main hub is:

  • Brussels

Eurostar services include:

  • Standard Class, Standard Premier Class and Business Premier accommodation available
  • On-board bar-buffet available servicing light refreshments
  • Quiet coaches are available in Standard Premier and Business Premier
  • Complimentary newspapers and magazines available in Standard Premier and Business Premier